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An image of a Chiropractor and her patient.

About Us

How can we help YOU?

Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions that are caused by problems with the joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves. 


Back pain is extremely common, with 80% of people being affected at some point in their lifetime. Whilst we do specialise in treatment of the spine, chiropractors also treat shoulders, hips, knees, headaches and many sport injuries. 

Who are we?

Kathryn, the Chiropractor at Proactive Chiropractic Cardiff.
Kathryn Deverson

Kathryn graduated in 2019 from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC), after refining her skills and learning from other chiropractors in Cardiff, she pursued her dreams of running her own clinic and started ProActive Chiropractic. 


Kathryn is passionate about the importance of integrating chiropractic care with exercise to be most beneficial to patients. She believes that chiropractic care should be accessible to all, whether they are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or just wish to enjoy the special moments in life such as playing with their grandchildren.


She first experienced chiropractic at 14, when her father was injured in a rugby match. She was amazed by the treatment and skill level of the chiropractor and from a young age knew that she wanted to study chiropractic.


After qualifying in 2019, Kathryn continued in her passion for sport working with rugby union and league teams across South Wales. In 2021 she became the Lead Therapist at Pontypridd RFC and continues to lead their medical team. In 2022, Kathryn had the opportunity to work within the gymnastics arena and polyclinics at the Commonwealth Games, treating elite athletes from all over the world. A few months later she was working with Welsh Rugby League teams at the Rugby League World Cup. This same year she began touring as part of the medical team for GB SurfLifeSaving.


When she isn't in clinic, Kathryn spends her time playing rugby and training for triathlons, these are where her interests stem from, treating rugby players, triathletes and weight lifters.


She is also a member of the BCA Communications Committee supporting the Association with clinical and professional input for their PR and Communications programme. Helping to bridge the gap between Chiropractors, other healthcare professionals and the general population.

Sports Massager at Proactive Chiropractic Cardiff.
Alice John
Sports Massage Therapist

As former gymnastics coach Alice has always been inspired to learn more about how our bodies work, with a particular interest in the rehabilitation process. Over the years she has attained a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy qualification and is currently studying to become a qualified Physiotherapist at Cardiff University. 


With over 5 years experience of Sports Massage, she has had the opportunity to work alongside other therapists to provide sports massage to performance athletes and teams, including:


* All Blacks 

* Wallabies 

* Cardiff Devils 

* Zebre Parma


Alongside this she has over 2 years experience working within the NHS as a physiotherapy technician working with a range of patients with neurological, respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions.




Level 3 Sports Massage

Level 4 Sports Massage 

Level 3 Personal Training

BSc Physiotherapy in completion (2022-2025)


In her spare time, Alice enjoys CrossFit and trail running!

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